Ask A Dentist: Your 12 Most Asked Questions Answered

The 12 Most Asked Questions Answered

Dentists care about your smile and keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. They also have the answers to all your queries about oral health questions. However, if you’re not sure how to ask them the questions you’ve always had about your teeth, a visit to the dentist can be intimidating. In this article, I’ll be addressing the most common questions I received, heard from colleagues, and saw asked on the web.

Difference Between Bridges vs Implants

The losing teeth can directly effect on your smile. Sometimes it becomes the reason for having less confidence on yourself. So it is better to replace your lost teeth with dental work. It helps you to restore your pretty smile and your self-confidence. But which dental work you will prefer more is an important factor before replacing lost teeth. So here we are helping you to know the difference between Dental Bridge and Dental Implant.

What is a Mouthpiece Toothbrush? – How it Works

Mouthpiece Toothbrush is a different kind of toothbrush for cleaning the teeth. A mouthpiece toothbrush is a large piece that appears like a mouthguard. It comes in the U-shape and size to fit into your mouth and brush all the teeth simultaneously. With this style and design, the mouthpiece toothbrush can brush all teeth of your mouth simultaneously.

How to Reduce Acidity in Your Mouth

Acidity is a kind of illness you have to face several times in your life. The Acidity word is directly related to acid. The food and drink you take have some portion of acid that enters your body. The amount of acid should remain normal in your mouth; otherwise, it can turn into acidity in the mouth. Your day to day diet is an essential factor that affects the level of acid in your body and mouth.

Best Braces Colors: Which One Is Best For You?

Braces are useful to correct the level, place and position of your teeth. When you smile with opened mouth, everybody will notice your braces. Therefore it is important to choose some decent colors for your braces. You should have several pairs of braces to change them time to time. It will bring freshness in your looks and overall personality as well.

Why Is My Night Guard Turning Yellow- How to Clean Night Guard?

Why Is My Night Guard Turning Yellow- How to Clean Night Guard? 1

A Night Guard is useful tool for people who have grinding teeth problem. When you use a night guard or mouth guard for longer period, it changes its color. You may have this question in mind, “Why is my night guard turning yellow?” We have the answer and a perfect solution for the yellow night guard.

The Night Guard or Mouth Guard keeps you safe from grinding of teeth while you are sleeping. It is like a protection guard for grinding, clenching and gnashing of teeth. The grinding of teeth happens during sleep so you are completely unaware, that’s why you should wear a Mouth guard on your teeth.

How to Clean Your Waterpik or Other Water Flosser

How to Clean Your Waterpik or Other Water Flosser 2

As a Waterpik or Water Flosser user, you may think it is not that important, but it is essential. When the Waterpik or Water Flosser is brand new, it works very accurately to clean your teeth and completely clean your mouth. But the performance wears out over time. Some minerals and bacteria get stuck on and in the water floss.